Shailey & Katie: Design Moms Finding the Happy Balance as Work-from-home Entrepreneurs
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Two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood.
New mom Shailey Murphy (video production/ interior designer) joins veteran mom of three, Katie Day (photographer, graphic designer, improviser, comedy writer for a late night talk show.)

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    079: A Richer, Simpler Life Part 1: How Logging off Instagram & Putting the Phone away gave Ashley Parsons back her Life.

    Ashley Parsons (world-renowned photographer, podcaster, writer, professional penpal) left social media for TWO ENTIRE YEARS, came back on, and graciously had a beautiful, long conversation with us about what she learned. (I can’t stress enough how dear this 2-part episode is to my heart. It actually changed my life and bits and pieces repeat in my mind on a daily basis. Get a cup of coffee or go for a long, slow walk while listening -Katie)

    Part 1: Life Off Social Media. Part 2: Life after Coming Back On.

    Photography Business: Podcast: The Boredom Experiment Podcast: Dear Somebody dear somebody, by dear somebody, on Apple Podcasts - iTunes

    Write to Ash: P.O. Box 11 Liberty, MO 64069

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    077: How do you look Legit? Branding! Mara Dawn Dockery on Branding Basics (even if you're on a budget). You'll be too legit to quit. (Actually you'll be too legit, you WILL quit....your day job...see what we did there..?)

    Designer Mara Dawn Dockery on quitting her day job, adjusting her work hours with kids at home and sharing the load with your spouse, AND the basics of branding your great business idea! (She's also our introverted friend who we're FORCING in front of microphone because we're the WORST!) Our segment today is "In or Out" where Mara tells us what trendy things are no longer cool. Because she's the coolest person we know.

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    076: Multi-tasking makes you Stupid! (No really, it's science.) Train your brain to work more efficiently so you're not SO EXHAUSTED at the end of the day.

    Tips for saving your brain's limited daily energy so that you can become Limitless ( Bradley Cooper...) Neurologist and Interior Design Shailey Murphy talks science of why you can feel so completely exhausted even if all you did was sit in a meeting all day. Actor Portrayal. Not a real neurologist. Sponsored by Freshbooks and Sudio!

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    075: Natalie Creates a Brick & Mortar success! Natalie Freeman on her farm, store, house-keeping, and weight loss!

    Freckled Hen Farmhouse owner, Natalie Freeman takes us through her self-employment journey from moving to a farm to an online store to a brick & mortar. Also she lost 45 pounds, doesn't clean her own kitchen, and bikes to hard-core rap. . She's basically the Joanna Gaines of Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Spoiler: we love her!!!), Instagram @nataliecreates, freckled hen farmhouse.

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    074:Instagram with Intention Series Part 3: Business Profiles and curating a Personal Brand. Is the time worth it?

    Do you need a separate business profile? What is a personal brand? Can you beat the algorithm? How many hours of your 40-hour workweek should you be spending on Instagram? IS IT EVEN WORTH IT? The girls dive into these questions as well as a few apps/tools to help with business. That said, the conclusion: Be really honest about whether or not the time you are putting into Instagram is actually measurably growing your business because popularity does not necessarily equal profitability and we'd rather spending hours "making the thing" than wasting our time marketing a thing we never made.

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    072: Instagram with Intention Series Part 1: Using Instagram as your personal journal, memory-keeper, or modern day baby-book.

    After reading EVERY single post she's ever made in 6 years, Katie walks us through her thought process, observations, and REGRETS about how she's used Instagram over the years and what her new plan is when it comes to personal posts vs business posts. The girls explore the hilarious cliches they're totally guilty of (namedropping, friend brag, status update, "I was there too!" posts.) How to use Instagram to intentionally preserve the memories that are gonna matter to you 10 years from now, not just matter in the moment to get 'likes' or engagement.

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    071: Katie's getting fit! Mindset tips and The Lazy girl's guide to a Whole-ish 30!

    Katie lost 70+ pounds after birthing Nora. Now it's time to do it again after baby Sadie! Join in real time! She talks through the plan, the motivation, and how to get through those moments of intense temptation. You can do this! Whole 30! Modified whole 30! And how to get your brain in the right mindset.

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    070: Home Design 102: Mixing styles within your home decor, Eclectic balance that works!

    Shailey drops some design knowledge and schools us on our ticket to freedom within your home: style-Mixing. Can your mid-century modern couch work with your more formal, ornate mirror? YES IT CAN! Design with confidence with Shay's tips and takeaways. Brought to you by BED-IN-BAG!™ And a brand new segment called Real Life Reader's Theatre.

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