Shailey & Katie: Design Moms Finding the Happy Balance as Work-from-home Entrepreneurs
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Two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood.
New mom Shailey Murphy (video production/ interior designer) joins veteran mom of three, Katie Day (photographer, graphic designer, improviser, comedy writer for a late night talk show.)

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    077: How do you look Legit? Branding! Mara Dawn Dockery on Branding Basics (even if you're on a budget). You'll be too legit to quit. (Actually you'll be too legit, you WILL quit....your day job...see what we did there..?)

    Designer Mara Dawn Dockery on quitting her day job, adjusting her work hours with kids at home and sharing the load with your spouse, AND the basics of branding your great business idea! (She's also our introverted friend who we're FORCING in front of microphone because we're the WORST!) Our segment today is "In or Out" where Mara tells us what trendy things are no longer cool. Because she's the coolest person we know.

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    076: Multi-tasking makes you Stupid! (No really, it's science.) Train your brain to work more efficiently so you're not SO EXHAUSTED at the end of the day.

    Tips for saving your brain's limited daily energy so that you can become Limitless ( Bradley Cooper...) Neurologist and Interior Design Shailey Murphy talks science of why you can feel so completely exhausted even if all you did was sit in a meeting all day. Actor Portrayal. Not a real neurologist. Sponsored by Freshbooks and Sudio!

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    075: Natalie Creates a Brick & Mortar success! Natalie Freeman on her farm, store, house-keeping, and weight loss!

    Freckled Hen Farmhouse owner, Natalie Freeman takes us through her self-employment journey from moving to a farm to an online store to a brick & mortar. Also she lost 45 pounds, doesn't clean her own kitchen, and bikes to hard-core rap. . She's basically the Joanna Gaines of Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Spoiler: we love her!!!), Instagram @nataliecreates, freckled hen farmhouse.

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    074:Instagram with Intention Series Part 3: Business Profiles and curating a Personal Brand. Is the time worth it?

    Do you need a separate business profile? What is a personal brand? Can you beat the algorithm? How many hours of your 40-hour workweek should you be spending on Instagram? IS IT EVEN WORTH IT? The girls dive into these questions as well as a few apps/tools to help with business. That said, the conclusion: Be really honest about whether or not the time you are putting into Instagram is actually measurably growing your business because popularity does not necessarily equal profitability and we'd rather spending hours "making the thing" than wasting our time marketing a thing we never made.

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    072: Instagram with Intention Series Part 1: Using Instagram as your personal journal, memory-keeper, or modern day baby-book.

    After reading EVERY single post she's ever made in 6 years, Katie walks us through her thought process, observations, and REGRETS about how she's used Instagram over the years and what her new plan is when it comes to personal posts vs business posts. The girls explore the hilarious cliches they're totally guilty of (namedropping, friend brag, status update, "I was there too!" posts.) How to use Instagram to intentionally preserve the memories that are gonna matter to you 10 years from now, not just matter in the moment to get 'likes' or engagement.

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    071: Katie's getting fit! Mindset tips and The Lazy girl's guide to a Whole-ish 30!

    Katie lost 70+ pounds after birthing Nora. Now it's time to do it again after baby Sadie! Join in real time! She talks through the plan, the motivation, and how to get through those moments of intense temptation. You can do this! Whole 30! Modified whole 30! And how to get your brain in the right mindset.

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    070: Home Design 102: Mixing styles within your home decor, Eclectic balance that works!

    Shailey drops some design knowledge and schools us on our ticket to freedom within your home: style-Mixing. Can your mid-century modern couch work with your more formal, ornate mirror? YES IT CAN! Design with confidence with Shay's tips and takeaways. Brought to you by BED-IN-BAG!™ And a brand new segment called Real Life Reader's Theatre.

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    069: Birthing babies: The funny parts, preparation tips, and the stuff we haven't told anyone else.

    It's Katie's first episode back from maternity leave!!!!! So we figured we should talk about BIRTH. Don't worry, nothing gross. (Well, Katie does say nipple. Once.) We also go DEEP into some of the more vulnerable parts of our baby stories which reminds all once again that you just can't compare yourself to anyone else because you just never really know what people are actually going through. Funny stories and tips, too! Fake-sponsored by hospital gowns. (Thanks a lot, Roger!™) Real sponsored: by freshbooks and do good publishing.

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    062: Taking the leap! Ana Pierce talks about jumping into full time entrepreneurship, bullet journaling, forming a mastermind group and even eating the frog!

    Taking the leap! Ana Pierce is a new creative freelancer that talks about taking the leap into full time entrepreneurship! She is full of fresh wisdom and talks about how she's found success with bullet journaling, forming a mastermind group and even eating the frog! If you have ever thought about quitting your 9-5 job and going for it...this episode is FOR YOU!

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    056: Organize Your Entire Life Series: Clothes! Capsule wardrobe, fluctuating sizes, dressing your body type, kids clothes when the JUST KEEP GROWING!

    Battle of the minimalist capsule enthusiast Katie vs fashionista clothes collector Shailey! Who will win?! And by battle, we mean healthy polite discussion. And by winning, EVERYONE WINS when you only own things you love and fit you. Speaking of fit, Katie gets SPECIFIC about her body shape. Clothes! Capsule wardrobe, fluctuating sizes, dressing your body type, kids clothes when the JUST KEEP GROWING!

    Sponsored by: Freshbooks Cloud Accounting

    Products discussed: Marie Kondo "Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

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    055: Organize Your Entire Life Series: An Easy Guide to starting a whole-house-purge!

    Organize your entire house starting with THE PURGE! Katie compares and contrasts the Konmari method (Marie Kondo) with the New Order method (Fay Wolf). Lots of practical tips to make getting started less intimidating. Nerd alert: Katie gets excited about labels and containers. Sponsored by Freshbooks! Fake Sponsored by: Containers

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    049: Seeking Joy Part 1: Practicing Gratitude

    Is joy a skill? The girls analyze what makes a joyful person in this three-part series. Part 1 includes: material items, wealth, minimalism and how 'stuff' plays into (or works against?) our joy.

    Brené Brown (Way cool podcast & gatherings)

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    042: Vanessa Quigley and the work-life-balance myth & coming alive as a mom!

    Vanessa Quigley and the myth of work-life balance! Chatbooks inventor and chief, opera singer(!!!?), and mom of SEVEN joins us to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, making time for the things that make you come alive even while raising seven kids. (Especially when you're raising kids!) Brought to you by...oh...Scrapbooking...this is uncomfortable.

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    041: MAJOR UPDATE, BABY!!! Sometimes you make a plan...and then life says NOPE!

    BIG HUGE PERSONAL UPDATE TODAY, BABY! What's that phrase? Man makes plans and God laughs? Well God is laughing hysterically at one of these ladies today. The girls show how all the careful planning and striving toward the perfect work-life balance can get completely turned upside down! (What is this buzzfeed? What is this clickbait?!) Brought to you by: minivans!!!!

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    040: Brittany Kingery's fearless home style! How she grew her Instagram from 1k to 20k in one year and why she left it all behind!

    Brittany Kingery's fearless style! How she grew her Instagram from 1k to 20k in one year and why she left it all behind!

    Brittany Kingery's fearless style! How she grew her Instagram from 1k to 20k in one year and why she left it all behind! Also: decorating on a budget, white walls vs colored walls, and resisting trends just to be trendy! Brought to you by throw pillows! And we spring a new segment in Brittany called Garage Sale finds!!!!

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    039: Kendra Skinner is Amazing: Her dreamy creative business was not her original dream: Infertility and Finding the JOY while you're still in the trial

    Get ready to go DEEP today. Kendra left us amazed, inspired and completely out of tears. We immediately wanted to go do some good in the world. She bravely walks us through her 7 years (and counting) of infertility, as well as her business successes, real life marriage stuff, and at one point she straight up to took us to church, ya'll! We heard a gospel choir start to sing and wanted to rise up in our pew (er...dining chair...) and go DO SOME GOOD. Thank you so much Kendra for being so amazingly transparent, bold, and REAL. WE WANT TO BE YOU WHEN WE GROW UP.

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    38: Podcasting 101: Tech, Equipment, Content! How we make this thang!

    Yo dawg, we heard you like podcasts, so we made a podcast about podcastin'. The girls get technical about how to make this thing, content, tech, hosting, social media, equipment! More than you ever wanted to know! Brought to you by: Long drives!!!! And a new segment specifically designed for our listeners called: Words of Encouragement!!!!

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    036: Parenting, Discipline and Training a Child's Heart

    Discipline can be fun! Well...not really. But talking about discipline can be fun...?! The girls discuss their parenting goals and some discipline tips that have worked for them. But don't worry, there's lots of jokes too and a brand new segment staring 6 year old Callie Day!!!

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    033: Get to work with Elise Blaha Cripe! Productivity & Work Life Balance

    Elise Blaha Cripe (Elise Gets Crafty, Get to Work Book) tells us about trading her day job for self-employment, quitting blogging for mental health, and finding that Work-Life-Balance. Plus detailed amazing Productivity tips and how to just GET TO WORK. Brought to you by: Blogging...wait...oh...this is uncomfortable.

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    032: Storytime: Love Stories! How we met our husbands, the first date, the proposal.

    The girls get personal for Valentine's Day! They reveal their (super gross) love stories as pure little child brides. (Grosssss.) And they discover they had the EXACT SAME response to their engagement proposals. (Spoiler: it wasn't "yes!") Brought to you by: Conversation Hearts! And another installment of Hot Texts From Our Husbands.

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    031: Katie Shelton: She's not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom

    Katie Shelton (singer in The Mixtapes 90s cover band, maker/blogger of insanely popular Skunkboy Creations) tells us her journey to self-employment, how to be a cool mom (not like a regular mom!) and her 16 years of marriage secrets! Brought to you by literal mixed tapes. And don't miss another installment of SURPISE KARAOKE: 90s style.

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    030: In a rut? Pull it Together!!! Tips for your style rut, weight rut, emotional rut!

    How to pull it together when you aren't feeling fresh, when you don't have the energy to get dressed for the day when working from home, and when you just have ALL THE THINGS, when your kid freaks out in public, when you have to be around a challenging person. Sponsored by DRY SHAMPOO and special segment, "Word at a time" story.

    Show Notes: Red Lipstick....just get some.

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    029: Storytime: The Awkward Middle School Years: first kisses, sleepovers, tips for "dating" in middle school

    The girls reminisce about their awkward middle school years. Brought to you by SLEEPOVERS. Katie tells about her first official kiss. Shailey talks about the (one!) time she got in BIG trouble. And don’t miss a brand new segment a the end called: How to Change in Gym Class (which is shockingly useful today!) This episode is rated “W” for a complete WASTE of your time. Middle School: Our memories were more fun when we didn’t explore them?

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    028: Level up your Self-care with Michelle Houghton! When bubble baths fail, it's time to dig a little deeper. Examine your Shoulds vs your Musts.

    When you feel like you have nothing left to give and you've already tried eating chocolate in a bubble bath, it might be time to dig deeper into "self-care" and revamp some things in your life! Painter/Counselor/Entrepreneur Michelle Houghton shows us how to Quit "shoulding" yourself to death and figure out your "musts" Sponsored by PLANTS! And!!! Michelle proves her improv knowledge by nailing our end segment "Yes. And"

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    027: Q&A Vol 3: Tips for Instagram: balancing posting personal posts vs business posts. The Self-Confidence Balance: loving yourself while desiring to improve. Home Design: Mixing Styles. Kids sharing rooms.

    The girls answer listeners questions! (At midnight during their podcast sleepover. Lookout!) Tips for Instagram: balancing posting personal posts vs business posts. The Self-Confidence Balance: loving yourself while desiring to improve. Home Design: Mixing Styles. Kids sharing rooms. Brought to you by: Self-Checkouts! And a brand new installment of Shailey's improv training, Improv 104: Party Quirks!

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    026: Inclusion and Intentional Relationships with Jenn Fortner: How to be the friend you wish you had!

    Have you ever had a lonely season but you weren't sure how to make friends? Spoiler: we all have! Jenn walks us through building friendship tips: Believing you have value to add to someone else and something to offer. Listening to understand - not listening to respond. Believing you have something to learn from everyone - especially those who are different from you. Brought to you by Introverts! And a brand new segment called "Taking a Compliment 101".

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    025: Stop the Perfectionism!: How to Chill Out when You're an Overachieving Perfectionist

    Shailey walks us through the stressful side of having a 'perfect' home. How to let go of unobtainable perfection and be present. With quotes from Joanna Gaines' new book "the Magnolia Story". What's the point of having a beautiful living room if no one can actually LIVE in it? Does anyone we're following online ACTUALLY have it all? (Spoiler: No. They don't.) Surviving vs Thriving. And how to host a "Crappy" dinner party. (This a follow-up episode to Katie's always present, but never-cleaning episode in an 'accidental' two-part series.) Brought to you by: Rusty Metal Letters!!!! And a brand new segment where Katie surprises Shailey (once again) with a Surprise Spelling Bee!

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    024: Cleaning Tips from a Dirty Person: How to clean up after yourself when you're just an irresponsible child trapped inside a 31 year old's body!

    Cleaning tips and Tips for distraction-free, hyper-focused day. Katie walks us through how to clean up after yourself when you're just an irresponsible child trapped inside a 31 year old's body! How to retrain your brain to be like your neat freak friends. Do you want to know to make your home look like a beautiful Pinterest home for FREE?! Katie Day teaches us some tricks on how to do just that.

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    023: Making it work with Kelsey Baldwin! When Life handed her Surprise Single Motherhood, she made an Etsy and E-course selling dream life

    We get PERSONAL with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats. Kelsey joins us at the dining room table to talk her INSANE story of surprise single motherhood, digital planner printables, Etsy success, e-course mastery, divorce and social media. WOW! WHAT AN EPISODE. Brought to you by: GLASSES. And a great new (surprisingly useful) segment at the end where Kelsey walks through the perfect instagram 'flat-lay'. Her secret "It doensn't have to be perfect. It just has to be 'almost perfect'.

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    021: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up! Sarah Jenkins talks konmari

    Decluttering/tidying up/ sparking joy magic with the hilariously wonderful Sarah Jenkins (writer/actor for The Mystery Hour, copywriter for an advertising agency, all-around marvelous lady). Fake sponsored by Amazon Prime and a brand new segment called Improv 103: Intro to MUSICAL IMPROV. Shailey's still has nightmares about it!

    Read Sarah Jenkins blog at:

    instagram: @sarahalicejenkins Twitter: @jenksie

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    018: We're BACK!!! Travel, Awards, The making of Instagram husband, and "how to be the Talent of your own life" (jk)

    We're BACK!!! The girls talk about where they've been. 20hr Road tripping with kids, vacationing WITHOUT your baby for the first time (while nursing!) Travel, awards, The making of the Emmy-award winning viral video Instagram husband, and "how to be the Talent of your own life" (👈jk) Brought to you by: Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a brand new segment Shailey springs on Katie called "Surprise Acceptance Speech".

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    016: Q & A : Budget Travel Tips, Being Present vs Taking Pictures, House-Hunting, How do you make friends?, Me-time!

    The girls answer listener’s questions! Sponsored by Katie’s DIY eyelash extensions How do you choose where to travel and how to budget for it? How do you balance taking amazing pictures at an event while still being in the moment at the event? How do you decide what to look for in a house and what expectations to let go of? How do adults make friends!?? How? (Shailey and Katie didn’t have enough friends for bridesmaids.) How do you make time for yourself when you’re a busy mom!? New Segment: Improv 102: The Question Game

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    014: New Momming and Baby Sleep Training: Eat, Play, Sleep.

    Babies! To sleep train or not to sleep train?! We vote Do it!!!! Unless you don't want to. Okay then. Don't do it. Just...Ok. Do whatever you want. We're tired. Fake-sponsored by Breastfeeding in Public. And a brand new segment you won't want to miss for taking your best breastfeeding selfie.

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    011: Olivia Puccini is Brilliant! Mental Health, Raising a Strong-willed Child and how to avoid "hustling for your worth"

    Olivia Puccini is originally from the U.S. but currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia with her husband, Nick, and her two beautiful kids, Oliver and Ava. She’s an author, church planter, singer, wife and mother. Oh...she also is Brilliant! On this episode she shares her passion for mental health, raising a strong-willed Child and how to avoid "hustling for your worth".

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    010: Get out of the house! Yes even with kids! It's gonna be worth it! (Maybe. Probably.)

    Who can stay cooped up in their house day after day? It may take a little extra effort but the adventure is worth it! Katie walks you through a trip to the grocery store with three kids as well as some low- maintenance playdate ideas and her favorite on-the-go baby products. Shailey weighs in about her first trip with Opal and she also learns what rhyming is. Fake-sponsored by: Backpack purses and a brand new pre-recorded segment called "Practice what you Preach" where the girls narrate what happens when they have a leisurely breakfast with three kids at Gailey's diner.

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    009: The Wonderful, Weaving RACHEL DENBOW

    In this episode we sit down with author, smileandwave blogger, weaver, wife and mother of 3, Rachel Denbow. She shares about her journey to self employment and her tips for self-motivation and efficiency.

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    008: Emma Chapman is Hilarious: Her business journey, tips, thoughts on Comparison, and how NOT being a perfectionist is her biggest asset.

    Blogger/author/app guru HILARIOUSLY WITTY Emma Chapman, (A Beautiful Mess). We expose her past life as an improv comedy actress and ask her some questions about comparison/sibling jealousy with her sister Elsie Larson. Fake-sponsored by Grocery-store Sushi. And a brand new segment led by Emma called "Pet-styling." Emma Chapman's hilarious Interview: Her business journey, Tips, thoughts on Comparison, and how NOT being a perfectionist is her biggest asset.

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    007: Working from Home

    Katie and Shailey talk a little bit about working from home. They share tips, updates and a few other topics that come up at 10pm after many, many cups of coffee.

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    006: Get out of your Creativity Rut!

    Actions steps for getting out of your creativity rut/burnout. Fake-sponsored by Hobby Lobby and a BIG SURPRISE at the end! I'm serious. Shailey's on pain pills and Katie surprises her with an embarrassing segment that she probably never would have done without being heavily medicated.

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    005: Home Design 101: The Basics

    Interior Design guru Shailey discusses where to start when facing a blank room. Highlights include: what to do when your husband and you disagree about decor; to "theme" or not to "theme"; having friends over when you feel like your space isn't "finished" yet and Katie reveals some "konmari regret". Fake sponsored by: Target and a brand new game-changing DIY segment that ANYONE can do.

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    004: Katie Day lost 70 pounds! (And Shailey ate 736 M&M's. Slow clap for her.)

    Katie discusses her journey to her "perfectly average bod" after losing 70 pounds after giving birth to her third child, Nora. 35 of those pounds were lost while doing a Whole 30. (It Starts With Food, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig) Fake-sponsored by Zumba, and a brand new, highly-visual segment called "Before and After" where Katie reveals the "girth" of her previous body compared to now. Also Shailey ate some M&M's. So....slow clap for her.

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    003: Who the heck is Shailey Murphy?

    Shailey's journey to self-employment. From stuttering child to door-to-door watercolor salesman to interior designer and video production guru. Fake-sponsored by Mall-walking and a riveting new segment at the end you WON'T want to miss.

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    002: Who the heck is Katie Day?

    Katie Day's journey to self employment. From theatre-nerd to design school to the advertising world to starting her own photography business.

  77. Thumb 1465530120 artwork

    001: Wait. Okay, but first...what's a podcast?

    Shailey and Katie try to figure out how to turn on their microphones in their first ever attempt at recording a podcast!!! Listen as they come to terms with how weird their voices sound and other riveting moments!!!

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